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Why Amber Road?

Effective business leaders know that organizations must take full advantage of the global economy to stay competitive and grow. But managing a global trade network is complex. Companies must deal with a mountain of country-specific rules and regulations, as well as ever-changing duties and taxes. They must coordinate the activities of dozens of supply chain participants, ensure compliance with global security initiatives, and plan for longer lead time to cross multiple languages, currencies and time zones. None of this is easy. In fact, 85% of chief supply chain officers admit they have serious difficulty managing cross border shipments.

Fortunately, real help is available! Amber Road provides a comprehensive solution that leading companies use to optimize and automate their global supply chains. Our cloud-based platform handles all aspects of global trade, including facilitating product development and global sourcing, automating risk & quality management, and managing transportation, duty programs, import and export compliance processes, and supply chain visibility.

To learn more about our solutions and services, download the Amber Road Corporate Overview: